...i suddenly come back to myself, to find everything too late,
my feet bound with cobwebs, the doors locked.

those slender hands that disarrange me, obsidian eyes that overflow with mystery
that voice which binds me with soft laughter.

at which the disorder started, on that overly languid summer night,
i had fallen into your trap.
"to want for nothing, to only be here with me
staying beautiful," you said.

led by a choking fragrance,
lost inside these garden ruins
at this forgotten glasshouse there's no exit, so...

I love you, love me, i love you too much, it hurts too much
I love you, love me, it's too painful, I can't bear it.

it was the summer of last year, the flower's fragrant lure was too strong
in the fallen angel Lucious' hidden garden
to that sweet fragrance, to that wavering light, my head is going crazy
and so I am a slave of love, bound in chains, i give my body up to that exotic flower
though i'm not a butterfly, I'm made to smell that strong medicine
what do you plan to do tonight?

as my chest, covered in sweat, is pierced by a thin needle
a gasping sigh, a sweet sigh, at this rate it seems my breath will die out

lured by a choking fragrance,
lost inside these garden ruins
in this decayed glasshouse, specimen jar
"i want you to be beautiful, preserved forever", you said

trapped, i love you too much, trapped, i'm going crazy
trapped, it's too painful, trapped, i can't bear it
my beloved, forgive me, let me free from your spider web

I love you, but I hate this. forgive me, let me go
....from this trap of love.

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