The sky was blue (my supreme love)

My life was feeling warmth,
but you looked sad.
I want to live alone with you.
I don't hope expect for love.
That will do....

In the dream. I'm standing by myself
in the shade fo the dark-moon.
I call you. In front of me,
you showed up in the deep fog.
Why do you conceal your face?

silently, without a sound, the pain leaves me
talk to me... you expressionlessly smile
the dying dream, the playful light of the sun
touch me... I can't hide this sadness

Always you come in my dream every night.
You did nothing but smile~short distance...
I wanted to confession of love for you,
and so touch.
Sea was calm.
I love you. The sky was blue.

that time, those days with you that won't return are far away
wave to me... everything, across the waves...
into the unending sky, that ephemerally swaying blue
watch me.. this love can not be healed

I need you. I love you. to say, for see
You need me. You love me. to feel, for live

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