Sad Mask

i have no face
someone stole it
every night, i do the same
and putting on makeup, i pretend to have a face

i sigh at the window
everyone night i watch her, whose name i don't even know

i'm in love with her
she is different from my ugliness
she is so magnificent
and how beautiful she is...

ever since we met eyes,
I haven't been the same
i can't be a good little boy

"you are the one that
always stared at from the window, aren't you
do you want me? you want me to love you?"

in this room
where mother said no one must enter
she entered
without a key, without a sound

you are so magnificent
and how beautiful you are...
you are the first to see me and not run away!

i open my eyes into this dream
drunk on her sweet scent
she hands me a mask
yes, she is gentler than mother

she said it would be just our secret
touching my skin, she smiled
the cracked mask
eats into my skin, and will not come off

it hurts, it hurts
but since this is the mask you choose for me
i will not take it off, even if i die

"boy, you are not the only one without a face..."

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