the lake of sleep-walking

"now, woken irrevocably from this shallow sleep, i've lost the sense of my soul's darkness
this song doesn't fit me anymore.. to you, dancing with despair, I shall give this song.."

bathed in the sunlight, I became aware of my soul's darkness
waiting forever for you, I idly fell into sleep

to forget that distant past, when I was enveloped in kindness,
I want to hear that heartbeat I chased after once more...

my severed, elegant memories.. if I can be washed away by them, can I return?
but with this feeling hidden, it's too painful to live on...
I don't want the comfort of despair; the voice of heaven pierces through my ears
before my eyes, an image of you nestled up with someone wavers before me

searching for a destination, when you are far away from me
my bare feelings will not vanish, I am broken

the heart as wide as the sky, gentle to the end
my delusions alone paint a picture of the null future

the only one who can fill this vanished heat and fragrance is you, isn't it?
but with my endless troubles, in this darkness there's no way I can live on...
the end is crushed to pieces by this cruelty called time
deep inside the light your image flutters

this lake.. this dreamstate.. if they had arrived at the same future,
we could have changed everything to our capitol, to our paradise
on these frightful nights, you would come beside me and whisper laughter
if I'm to forget you soon, I'll break all the clocks
...even if I lose so much as a look from you, my existence would have no meaning
all I want is to enforce my unchanging, steel will until I die...
...bound by my a clump of dirt...
if I'm to grow old like this, just cut my consciousness now...

my feelings are closed, my memories severed... i love you too much, I can't see the future...
my tears dry up completely, and soon my memories fade away into a distant, unreachable color
self-destructing before my eyes, if this is a bad dream wake me up..
if these days pass and the white returns, will I be able to smile again?

my heart was dyed in submission.. i am alone, all for you
bathed in the sunlight, I became aware of my soul's darkness
waiting forever for you, I idly fell into sleep

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