Le Miserable

i dance under the moonlit night, wearing a cursed mask
the crazed gods scatter around the poison
bound by sin, my eyes were frozen over
i construct my delusional you
"on this stage of tragedy, the curtain now opens
can you see my figure, hanged by a cross?
the cruel tale reflected in the mirror continues on..
you laugh sweetly.."


my dirty heart, killed by you..
to the splendid flower, magnificently blooming its thorns..

spreading all over, venomously... in this world reflected in the distorted mirror
red, so red, the blood spills... and i become a living corpse..

inside the room of illusions, i forget my pain and become a butterfly
in those eyes of yours.. i, opaque, am not there..
"please tear apart my crucified body"
i want to sleep forever, kissing you...

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