on that night i forgot my pulsing feelings,
i chased after your warmth with cold fingers
if i could open the key to the closed door,
i might see your beloved face

on that night i gazed up at the glittering moon,
it seemed i would be crushed by these sad feelings
darting about in your bare feet,
I chased after you inside this mirror

hold me, hold me.. envelop my calmed body.. Mirror
cry, cry.. I don't want to see your broken down, crying face

I search the downpouring mirror for an answer.. the light is softly colored..

Her eyes look like a mirror

though you are far away, my love, i cannot bring you near...
i can't hide this pain... I wait in the sky, only for you..

even in this trembling time, unable to see your face,
if I close my eyes.. I can always be with you
I love your bare face... I never want to be apart from you
my tears stop,
chasing after you, if I could just overcome time,
i'd go into the mirror with you...

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