Virgin Mary

sacrificed unto god, the blindfolded virgin
with ashen pearls and a dress, her naked body is enveloped

waiting for the night of the ritual, she falls into a deep sleep
the crimson dyed sheets envelop her naked body

she dreams a bizarre nightmare in this sacred, bloody sanctum

Ma'ria in this animal cage, she learn of love
Ma'ria she lays her hands down on the ground and is pained
Ma'ria in her ears, her original wish:
Ma'ria the misery of being forever a virgin

Ma'ria sacrificing this body, she learns of love
Ma'ria her sins manifold, the virgin
Ma'ria on this night, on this night of ritual
Ma'ria she will offer up her eternal wish

Ma'ria offering up a prayer, i learn of love
Ma'ria I who have been punished,
Ma'ria i dye this wish in blood
Ma'ria the misery of being forever a virgin

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