Mana's Webpage Translation
Translated by Alex Highsmith

This is all taken from Mana's new, official page. I've included the text from the beginning flash puzzle, his news updates, and his personal messages. I'll try to keep up with the messages and info.



Ahead from here
is Mana's own creation,
a forbidden place.
He that opens the door to this theatre
can never again return...

DOORWAY (flash puzzle)

(left portrait)
肖像画: 扉を開けるには、

Portrait: There is a special way
to open the door.

(right portrait)
肖像画: フフフ…

Portrait: he he he...
Do you think the door will open so easily?

(left guard)
門番: 扉の向うは禁断の世界。

Gatekeeper: Across this door is the forbidden world.
You may not come back alive.

(right guard - actually, the messages simply alternate)
門番: この地に足を踏み入れた者には、

Gatekeeper: To he who sets foot into these lands,
something terrible shall happen...


This is the entrance to hell...
But it is closed now.

十字架: 鎧が邪魔を………

Cross: The armored sentries block your way......

(left skull)

Unable to open the door,
it looks like he died a terrible death...

(right skull)

It is a skeleton.
The bones look recent...


A mouse.


A bat is flying about.

ネズミ: 我、鎧の封印を解く……

Mouse: "I will open the seal of the sentries..."

(soldier after seal)

The armored guard crumbles.

(second soldier after seal)

As the armored guard crumbles to the ground,
the cross begins to emit a dazzling light!

(fallen soldier)

Nothing happened.

(left portrait after seal)
肖像画: 運命の光が、貴方を呼んでいます。

Portrait: The light of destiny is calling you.

(right portrait after seal)

Thou art led by the cross.

(door after seal)

The door still does not open.

that should be all the text. to get through, you simply click on the mouse and it will open the seal for you, after which you click on the armored guys who collapse, then on the cross above the door.


Welcome to my theatre of bizarre illusion.

You did well to make it this far.
You have received a ticket to a place you cannot again return from.
You can not turn back.

In this theatre, all your emotions swirl together,
and doors which you cannot yet see have begun to expand within this labyrinth.

And what you see on this screen
shall henceforth be reality.

Enjoy yourself.
he he he......

Host Mana


Existence: A history of Mana's work
Development: Mana's latest news, and information on his magazine publications and radio, TV, and event appearances.
Aesthetics: What is spoken here is known only to Mana, a land of amazement and fear...
Sympathy: A place where you can send your message to Mana.
Destiny: To the entrance of the theatre.



The birthing of
my sound project.
I will not betray your hopes.
I will enchant you with an illusionary world of elegance and splendor.
Details to be announced later.
Tremble with anticipation......



Was it difficult to open the theatre door?
That you have made it this far means you and I share the same emotions.
I am happy that such people exist.

I finally finished my personal website (teardrop)
It is very moving to me that I could open it on March 19th.

The site's graphics and programming were done by a black metal fanatic named Taqueya.
I like the beautiful graphics, the real texturing, and that people can interact and relax throughout the site. Did you feel my gamer spirit?

It seems Taqueya keeps bats, lizards, and other things as pets, and such crazy conversations we had were interesting. And since we both like horror and games, it was fun to work and discuss things each night, under the light of the moon, with the sounds of night children as our music, drinking black coffee. Gradually I started getting ideas and knowing what I wanted... somehow I think I put Taqueya through a lot (laughs)
I would like to use this space to say thank you to him.

Long live black metal!

I will be updating this section of my page frequently, so please don't forget to check it!
Please let me know your feelings about the theatre at the "kankyaku" (sympathy) section of my site. I'll be waiting to hear from you.


As expected, many have died at the front gate, unable to open the door.
I'm a little worried.
Those who have opened the door, please do not tell the secret to others.
If you have, my servants will not let it go lightly.
In that event, when midnight comes please leave your eastern window open.
Why, you ask?
So they can get you!

And so this theatre will soon begin its expansion.
During the construction, be careful where you click.
If something strange happens, I won't be held responsible...

The bat game is too easy, you say?! he he he...
This is just the beginning, so prepare yourself!


How many times have you set foot into this theatre?

I am a bit concerned about it.

Did you know there is a door in this very area which leads to a world unknown to you?

If you have not yet been there, you may try and search for it.

My monologue from 3.19 is a hint.

Where you feel a dark, opressing atmosphere in the depths of the words,
there you will find the door sealed by darkness, leading into the forbidden...

When you pass through the door, be sure to yell "long live XXXX XXX" !!

Changing the subject, I recently went to see a ballet performance.

Unfortunately I was late, and it had already begun.

Since I arrived during the opening, I was told to stand in the very back and watch.
Slowly and quietly I opened the door to the theatre area.

And in that moment when I set my eyes on the stage, I felt something well up inside me.

On that stage, there was but one dancer.

And watching her were thousands and thousands of people.

The incredible sense of tension...

The beauty of her jumps and leaps...

The live orchestra making you feel you are a part of it...

As each piled onto one another, they competed in beauty and art.

When I thought of myself objectively,

I saw myself as watching this scene of beauty from the furthest away.

At first I was sad that I had been late to the theatre,
but being able to watch the play from the furthest place...
in a strange way I was grateful.

If I had not been late, I probably would not have tasted this sensation.

At that moment, I swore to myself that I would return to the stage soon.

I want to see you all again on stage, my heart cried out.

2002.3.29 The Day of Meat

It happened on a cold, ominous night with the sakura petals whirling about.
Today I and Taqueya-san, whom you all know as Monologue Theatre's
designer, architect, and black metal freak, thought we would go discuss business over
a nice, blood rare steak. We decided to go to steak house known as
"black metal steak" which I've been frequenting lately.

As we approached the placed, a foreboding, ominous fragrance was lingering in the air.

Our blood started to boil with excitement.

As we looked closer, there was a flock of people waiting in front of the steak house.

Were they all seeking blood...?

With bloodthirsty eyes, the large group encircled the restaurant.

When Taquyea went in to investigate, he saw that the people were being
given black coffee as they waited for their number to be called.

I thought to myself, "Perfect as expected" of this black metal steak house.
As I admired it, I heard a whispering voice announce in my ear "Your number is 29".

"What!" I couldn't wait that long.

"Pfh, well they lost my business today!"
Leaving those harsh words, we set out into the night town, seeking new blood...

I screamed into the moonlit sky, "I won't forget this!"

A grudge of food is dreadful indeed... bewarreeeeee....

to be continued....

2002.4.2 the resounding thunder leads us to new encounters...

Yesterday thunder finally resounded again in the skies of Tokyo.

Have you ever experienced it?

The wind and rain, and the moment the thunder roars... aa, it makes my heart tremble.

Old memories resurface on days like this.

I was outside staring at the sky.

The sense of tension heightened my nerves and senses.

Its times just like this that my music is created, and so I knew I must hurry back home.

I got in my car and, as I was driving down a street with rows of trees on both sides,
for some reason a person drove right beside me and started honking their horn at me.

How annoying, as I just wanted to get home quickly!

The person was yelling something at me out the window.
And what's more, he was causing a traffic jam around him.

I thought it was a little strange, but I rolled down my window.

As I did, the person said "You have something hanging out of your door..."

I looked and was surprised at what I saw.

Part of my beloved long tailed coat had been caught in the door, flapping about outside the car.

When I turned to him to say "merci", he was no longer there...

The incident was as quick and fleeting as a storm.

Left behind in this scene, I headed into the pouring rain and exclaimed, "the world has not completely rotted yet!"

With that feeling in my heart, I immersed myself in composing music.

2002.4.6 spider of destiny

I had finally met her... the widow of destiny.

A memory of my youth comes back, of when I first received that shock... calls out the madness of my burning Rock soul.

My eyes first met with that strange shape long ago, as I was casually thumbing through a music magazine.

That.. that special form... "spider"

Because of its shape the bridge came out of the body and was rather small, almost like a guitar's size.

It seemed to have been made for me.

Yes, it's name was the "Widow Bass."

But she was of foriegn seas...

So seductive, she drove me insane.

Ah yes, it was a B.C. Rich.. (the maker's name)

I, youthful and innocent, fell in love with her.

As the months and years passed, my passionate feelings for her were nearly forgotten.

Then one day...

I encountered her standing there in a window.

It was our first time seeing face to face. (laugh)

My passions for her were rising once again!

So she had come to Japan...

I extended a trembling hand to her...

...and now she is in my arms.

It was destiny.

Miracles come suddenly, don't they.

As I think such things, staring at her sexy body, I occasionally pick her up and play with her.

This time I thought I'd introduce you.

How to see her? Well, I'm sure *you* can figure it out. he he he...

I want to show her off on stage soon.

...but of course, I am a guitarist.

P.S. Also have a look at my always beloved,
ESP Mana model Jeune Fille.

2002.4.13 Artificial Eden

It was twilight, cold and windy.

Passing through the noisy streets, I visited a temple.

A solemn, grave atmosphere surrounded the area.

This temple, surrounded by the woods, was just like a maze.

As you progress along the long, endless gravel paths,
the atmosphere becomes like the ocean of trees at Fuji...
I walked quickly through the midst of these dark illusions.

Before long I saw something which made me wide-eyed.

A pond as huge as a lake...and around it, endless green grass
which was enclosed by this forest of darkness.

How beautiful...

I knelt down.

And when I looked up at the sky, a long black shadow
appeared that made me think of the tower of Babel.

This solemn temple forest, and the modern high-rise building...

In this mysterious contrast, I was enveloped in some elegant kind of illusion...

I stood for awhile there, gazing at the scene.

An artificial eden that melts into the sky...

With this scene in my heart, I was led to a new creativity......


Will your words will reach me from here?

E-mail Address: (required)


[[ message after typing in password M??M ]]

Your passionate feelings

are the lifeblood of my existence.

To you who closely share my feelings

I will now award you the seal of dix.

This token, along with showing you the way

to the dawn of a new world,

may also lead you to me.

Will you accept the award of dix?


[[ if you select yes ]]

The symbol of dix has been inscribed in your forehead.

With this, you have recieved the baptism of dix.

And thus

the melody you are now hearing

is the overture to the dawn

of a new world.

I give this song unto you.

Dialogue Symphonie
Moi dix Mois

[[ if you select no ]]

When the skull's eyes light up, at that moment
click on the skull.

You should predict the repeating rythm
and then click.

When all 10 skulls are alit,
you may learn some secrets of this coffin.

[[ when you win.. IF you win! hehe ]]

Secrets of the Coffin

Number 1:

By clicking on the altar, you will be able to recall different items.
The items may increase from here on.

Number 2:

There are a number of different hidden keywords.
For example, why don't you try to enter the name of this theatre's master.

Number 3:

If you once again want to play the loading time games which have gone away,
there is away to bring them back. Try searching for it.

thats pretty much it. As he adds more content, I'll translate more of it.

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