love light (I feel your breath)

My quiet feeling is fulled of heart.
Every love is mystery.
I demand you without a break.
I can't say this feelings. Just like under a
spell. so, rescue me
You're only that you can do it.

flowing breeze (lonely wave)
and float in the sea (every day)
light to me (ride on moon)
so I feel you (day by day)
I'll wait till you love me.

I call you (for freezing sky)
you're in my heart (have no face)
kiss for me (dream of mist)
so I feel you (and love you)
I want to get your love.

Those blue eyes always groan a paintive singing.
Its like cold sea. you, sinking love, you don't notice me.
I'm going to pull out a thorn in your heart.
The magic was called love.
I'll can see that you've veiled in light.

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