destruction of heaven ~laissez faire~

end of heaven, the closed off heaven changes to hell
god of dead, like our sobbing god, the flesh dissolves
end of heaven, the paradise ruined by humans.. its cries will not stop
god of dead, from god's completely destroyed star, a blue blood flows out

~message~ they kneel down to the tender earth, confirming their sensations
the vanished birds have their castle snatched away, their heads tilted in distress
~message~ god regrets sowing the seeds called "humans"
to everything that has life, god continues to lower his head

end of heaven, the color dies
god of dead, shape dissolves, the air is dirty
end of heaven, the bound star..
god of dead, its futile screams continue on...

end of heaven, will the closed off heaven soon change to peace?
god of dead, in the center of the flower garden a sand castle is erected
end of heaven, will the earth return to normal, will the color green be revived?
god of dead, that its shape will return, i continued to pray...

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