La Fin

the girl with the eyepatch smiles innocently
unaware of the stares even after she lets go of this mirror that was her chains.
...bedside manners, how to evaluate men,
my dear, I taught you this and that, that and this...

listen well.. those silly clothes no longer suit you
you can spread your adult wings and fly
here, you now know yourself... so vanish from here, and never return!
now go...

you were such a clumsy, timid,
weakling of a girl
but now...
venus ascends, arching over this city
here we must part
for the next girl is waiting
crying with this cruel erotic madam,
on this same street she one day chanced upon, the girl starts to run away
this is for the best, for the best
her vision is blurring, everything is bleeding together
don't look back...
La Fin

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