the mist and the cocoon

I don't care if I lose this rotted, withered body
we loved each other forever, but...
I want to see your joyful face, always
so that you would love me like this forever,
I reach for the capsule that was always locked inside inside this desk
if I take this, we can kiss forever...
ive been without you so long since then, the days since drowned in sorrow
one by one I bid farewell to those around me,
but to you, sleeping silently I softly give a kiss
I've been living out these old days without you,
my memories pain me, from them the curtain opened
the flowers we had raised reflect that time as well
they bloom in full so beautifully near you, don't they?
even my single moment of joy pains me, on this long night
with this cold knife of eternal sleep, i...

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