Memory and Sky

the wind of their glances has opened a hole in my forehead
sweeping violently all over this world

erase all with only light, leave me without delight
people left nameless. everyone is extinguished...

shouting sobbing gasping voices, and as if they are all interrupted..
a pressing, engulfing, widening silence.

while i think of that childish day when I was conscious of death for the first time,
I who avoid the light, alone, am obsessed with the nightmarish room.

all the colors of the world
the vanished days...

at our reunion.. do I want to kill you?
do I want to embrace you?

the embraced memory and sky
more than words, more than feelings, only you before my eyes...
the fond memory and now
my eyes are blinded
my legs give way
my bones creak
my bones shake

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