let's decorate the room with the cosmos flower we found
we kiss for three seconds, then under the eyelids...
looking sadly into those eyes, a withered cosmos flower
you were always saying "i too am completely withered", as if it were your favorite thing to say

the promise we exchanged that day,
i will always, always keep with me
i want to embrace you more, more
i will never, never part from you

though youre so close to me, why do you feel so distant?
though i earnestly struggle like a child, it probably won't make a difference

the innocent angel flaps her wings
i want to feel you always, always
i want to snatch more and more of you away
surely, surely to this chest

this rain stops, and my pain vanishes too.. at this rate i'll be completely transparent
we idly looked up at the mischevious sky.. wherever we go, we can fall into it...

awakened.. the wildly blooming flower, nonetheless will surely wither away
to the sky where even that bird cannot reach, we fall into, becoming transparent

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