Steet of Alice

past the dead of night I acquired it...
how clear those eyes are
so forlornly
you looked into the mirror...
the curtain raises, the nightmare begins
what is this heavy key
unaware of how to use it, I carried it with me
if you look at me,
and are sweet to me... with the tip of my nail I shall show you what it does

bereave the flowers, scatter the flowers
is this what I had dropped?
yes dear.. you may call me a witch
lets make this a night we will never forget
for no one will come here,
and we can fall into oblivion

exhausted, I collapse
i will pick up the fallen petals for you, and make them bloom again
hidden in a lump of sugar, the single grain of a sad lie
yes dear.. you may call me a witch
the moon is beautiful, do you understand? no one will come here
and with this, we can fall into oblivion

bodies numbing, let us make a promise... that even to the depths of hell,
we can fall together

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